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Willow Clarice of Delhaig 8392

Willow has been with MacAnLeister since 2019, coming from the Delhaig fold in Victoria. 

She is the daughter of the 2015 and 2016 Australian Highland Cattle Society Inc National Show Supreme Exhibit, Skye Keir of Delhaig (7519).

Willow is one of those cows that gets in calf easy and calves with ease. She is a robust girl and a good doer. She is halter broken and we have shown her in the past. She is a homozygous black (she will only produce black or dun calves). Currently pregnant to 'Dawson Arrow of MacAnLeister (AI) your 2023 AHCS National Show Supreme Exhibit.

DOB: 06/02/2016

Colour: Black (Homozygous Black)

Sire: Uallach Dubh 1st of Bairnsley (AI) 8048

Dam: Skye Keir of Delhaig 8392

Registration: Australian Highland Cattle Society: 8392

Grade: Fully Imported Bloodlines (FIB)

DNA Parent Verified: Yes

DNA: 13357004 - Myostatin nt821 - Free (Tested)


Pregnant to Dawson Arrow of MacAnLeister

Josie Bow of MacAnLeister

Phoebe Bow of MacAnLeister (AI)

Benetlegh Arrow of MacAnLeister

Olive Bow of MacAnLeister (AI)