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Our team...

There are a number of people who are a part of the MacAnLeister team, from owning, farm managing, handling and of course loving the coos.

Whether you have helped , educated me or just starred out into the paddock with me, you are part of the team.

Above is a few people who should be mentioned even if they dont like it!

Meet The Team


Mel Kramer

I'm the one with the passion and love for the coos. Oh yeah... I also started MacAnLeister Highlands and grew the fold to where it is today... not an easy task!


Brad Holdman

He's the one the coos like the least... immuniser, tagger, drencher and other farm duties that make them run the other direction.

Always lending a hand and listening to me talk everything coos... poor fella!


Rebecca Agnew

Bec has been with us from nearly the start of our journey. She is our number one handler in the show ring! Bec is always willing to help and take charge when needed.



Khan is our resident calf calmer. The calves love him! Khan needs to be involved in everything, even when calves are just born and the cows do not want him around!

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