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Fraoch Dubh of Cruachan 8923

Fraoch known as Heather, came to MacAnLeister Highlands early 2023 to further enhance our breeding lines. She is a beautiful, deep and well balanced black cow that has presence. Her horn set is our favourite horn style.

Heather lost her calf in 2023 and raised 'Bert', a ten day old simmental/hereford cross calf who lost his dam to a snake bite. She has been an amazing dam and never missed a beat. We have been very lucky to acquire Heather from our friends at Cruachan Highlands.

Heather is in calf to our Dawson Arrow of MacAnLeister and due in August 2024.

DOB: 19/10/2019

Colour: Black

Sire: Seoras of Cruachan 7601

Dam: Angel of Cruachan 6873

Registration: Australian Highland Cattle Society: 8923

Grade: Fully Imported Bloodlines (FIB)

DNA Parent Verified: Yes

DNA: 13351800 - Myostatin nt821 - Free (Tested)


Currently in calf to Dawson Arrow of MacAnLeister and due in August 2024.

Ruark Arrow of MacAnLeister (ET)


Shado Playin Towin of Claremont (AI) 5689
Black Opal of Rahil Park (ET) 3899
Sire: Seoras of Cruachan 7601
Hamish of Cruachan 3414
Florag of Cruachan 4168
Frangag of Cruachan (ET) 3420
Du Boise Lecoq 12293CA
Armunn Dubh of Bairnsley (AI) 6111
Kyla Donn of Bairnsley (AI) 4335
Dam: Angel of Cruachan 6873
Ike of Cruachan (ET) 3415
Ikina of Cruachan 5307
Ibeag of Cruachan (ET) 3419
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