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Winifred Bow of MacAnLeister 10301

Winnie is our first MacAnLeister calf out of Charlotte since we have owned her. What an entrance too! We were about to have our guests arrive for a dinner party and Winnie decided she needed to make her mark. We were slightly late, but our friends coped in our absence.

Winnie is a special one and she was Brad's favourite. She is going to become a big beautiful cow like her dam. She was halter trained by Aleshia (pictured) and they looked after each other on their journey to the 2024 Australian Highland Cattle Society Inc National Show. Aleisha got a 2nd in handlers with Winnie and Winnie placed 3rd in her heifer class on show day. We will miss her terribly, but sometimes you have to give up the good ones to allow someone else to get a good start. Winnie now resides at Hoyles Plains Highlands, SA.

DOB: 23/09/2023

Colour: Red

Sire: Oden of Mac~Ladanae 8438

Dam: Charlotte Ruadh of Cruachan 8807

Registration: Australian Highland Cattle Society: 10301

Grade: Fully Imported Bloodlines (FIB)

DNA Parent Verified: Yes

DNA: AS7764390 - Myostatin nt821 - Free (Tested)

Show Results

  • 2024 Australian Highland Cattle Society Inc. National Show - Heifer 8 - 12 months: 3rd in class

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